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Precision medicine platform


Precision medicine service provides a data driven strategy in tailored treatment based on patients’ features derived from genomic data, medical records as well as habitual information.

CbsBioscience Precision Medicine

Since its foundation in 2003, CbsBioscience has been dedicated to develop big data & AI based platform through continuous collaborative studies with national and international strong research institutes.
The innovative precision medicine platform technology enables one-stop genomic test to facilitate cancer treatment determination by providing comprehensive cancer treatment evidences.

Precision medicine service helps physicians select treatments (surgery or anti-cancer regimen) that are most likely to help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease.

CbsBio Precision Medicine Integrated evidence based precision medicine

Approved drug
Yes Yes Surgery/Drug
Yes No Surgery
No Yes Approved drug
No No Off-label drug

CBSBIO Precision medicine platform strong technology background

  • Innovative, integrated, original technologies (10+ years R&D experiences, 5+ years of entrance barrier)
  • Independently developed innovative platform technology that relates to 6 fields including big data and artificial Intelligence (commercialized product: 1, publications: 21, patents: 14 etc.)
  • Over 10 years of accumulation in clinical & experimental data through multi-center collaborative research, the foundation of CBSBIO precision medicine, established high market entry barriers to competitors

CBSBIO precision medicine platform features

  • In-house diagnostic protocol development
  • One-stop diagnostic service provision
  • High barriers to entry for each diagnostic protocol
  • Completion of development on liver cancer prognosis and companion diagnostic technology
  • Successful pilot study in validating the precision medicine platform(comprehensive diagnostic solution)
  • Original platform technology enables significantly shorten development period and reduce expense(currently completed pilot studies are colorectal cancer, head & neck cancer etc.)

Comprehensive biomarker analysis: support determination of cancer treatment on surgery or selection of therapeutic interventions


Provide alternative treatments for biomarker negative cohort


A precision medicine platform enables all-patient-care service