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CbsBioscience Inc., the leading company in Prognostic Gene Test for HCC Patient.

The First Prognostic Gene Test for HCC Patient , OncoHepaTest® is developed through an integrated scientific approach that unites molecular biology techniques (BT), cutting-edge medical technology(MT), patented bioinformatics tools and database management(IT), and statistical tools for clinical and experimental data management (ST).

CEO Park,
Jin Young
- Founder of CbsBioscience
- CEO of Bioinformatics Inc.
- Executive Director of Genetica
Director of R & D
Kim, Kun Do
- Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Glasgow, U. K. (1992 ~ 1996)
- Professor in Pukyong National University
- gundokim@cbsbio.com


This is the core step for a discovery of potential biomarker candidates . Utilizing a number of tissues derived from cancer patients, biomedical big data including experimental data, clinicopathological data, and bioinformatics data will be integrated by in-house database system and give an accurate diagnostics and drugs for precision medicine


Based on the biomedical big data, predictive biomarkers foracertain drug ranging from cytotoxic drug to moleculartargeted drug , immunooncology drug, and siRNA therapeutics, can be tested in patients tissues in clinical trials'


Predictive biomarkers indicate whether a drug will be effective in a specific patient. Based on the CDx biomarkers , drugs with off-Iabel or failed to clinical trial could be rescued in a first-in-class or best-in-class.