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Big data mining and a series of statistic analysis could optimize a group of candidate genes for predicting a drug sensitivity.
Subsequently, multi-gene expression analysis and threshold-based test could be implemented for development of molecular diagnostics with high accuracy.


CBS HUB™ is a Cancer Bio Signature Hyper Universal Bank which is a unique CDx discovery system composed of


HepaCollect™ is a large number of multicenter clinical specimens (HCC, gastric cancer tissues and non-tumor tissues). Currently, HepaCollectTM is banking around 4,000 tissues from 8 Korean medical centers and 1 Japan medical center.

Research network (KCBC)

KCBC (Korea Cancer Biomarker Consortium) is a collaborative research consortium jointed by hospital, university, and CbsBioscience. Mission of KCBC is development of new drugs and diagnostics for precision medicine.