Precision medicine service for liver cancer

From 2006, top tier liver cancer clinical research with highest-quality of data worldwide via collaborative research with top class research institutes(Ajou University Hospital, Samsung Medicial center, and Asan medical center etc.). It's leading to world-class research outputs and commercialized products.
The precision medicine service provides one-stop test that includes sample assay and genomic data analysis to facilitate
- determination of cancer treatment on surgery
- determination of therapeutic interventions
- selection of alternative off-label interventions to serve all patients suffering from liver cancer.
The service is expected to launch in the first half of 2020.

<OncoHePaTest® Scientific Publication> Cancer Science 101(6): 1521-1528
<New Health Technology> The Ministry of Health and Welfare: 2010-83
<OncoHePaTest® KIT Certificate> KFDA Notice 13-511, Domestic & Worldwide patents WO2010120143A2, WO2010120143A3

Successful validation of OncoHePaTest® in Japanese HCV-HCC patients
- predict 5-year survival / 2-year recurrence in HCV derived HCC patients (Japanese)
Successful validation of OncoHePaTest® in small solitary HCC patients, Ann Surg Treat Res. 2018 Dec;95(6):303-311
- predict 5-year survival/recurrence in small solitary HCC patients

Biomarker pipelines for cancer drug repositioning

Expected Year of commercialization
  • 2020 : HCC
  • 2022 : CRC, HCC
  • 2024 : HNSCC, TNBC, CRC, HCC
Pipeline Drug Development Phase I Phase II Phase III
Biomarker Development Single center Validation Multi-center validation (Global)
HNSCC Prognosis
TNBC Prognosis
Liver Fibrosis Prognosis of progressiveness
HCC Nexavar® (DCR)
TNBC Doxorubicin + Cyclophosphamide
HNSCC First line palliative therapy
SCLC Keytruda + Taxol
PSC IMFINZI + Tremelimumab (Immune therapy)
ACC Axitinib