About company


CbsBioscience is specialized in big data & artificial intelligence driven precision medicine.
Since founded in 2003, we strive to develop innovative precision medicine to improve cancer patients’ quality of life.

International collaborative research with global prestigious institutes and researchers to tackle the unmet need in cancer treatment, such as liver cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer etc.

Innovative technology for precision medicine includes prognosis, predictive biomarkers as well as biomarker development system based on over 5,000 patients’ clinical/genomic information.

Business Area includes 1) Big data & artificial intelligence based biomarker development service and 2) Precision Medicine Service

Precision medicine platform

Since foundation in 2003, CbsBioscience has been dedicated to develop big data & AI based platform through continuous collaborative studies with national and international strong research institutes.
The innovative precision medicine platform technology enables one-stop genomic test to support cancer treatment determination based on providing comprehensive cancer treatment evidences.
I.e. a next generation precision medicine service helps physicians select treatments (surgery or anti-cancer regimen) that are most likely to help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease.


Big data platform

CbsBioscience’s big data platform is comprised of CBS LIMS, CBS MINES, and CBS CATS.
CBS LIMS manages patients’ clinical and genomic database
CBS MINES uniformises and manages the public databases
CBS CATS manages standard cancer transcriptomics gene expression atlas
CbsBioscience retains massive clinical, experimental, and genomic data obtained from 8 types of diseases (7 types of cancers and liver fibrosis) accumulated data through over 10 years’ global co-research projects


Artificial Intelligence platform

AI platform includes CBS STATS, CBS MLBS, and CBS PINGS system.
CBS STATS is a multi-gene statistical analysis system
CBS MLBS is a biomarker validation system
CBS PINGS is a mechanism investigation system
The platform drives precision medicine into real life based on integration of statistical system, machine learning system and mechanism investigation system.


Global network

CbsBioscience established strong global clinical research network by conducting collaborative researches. Now we retain massive clinical and experimental data relate to 7 types of cancer.